How do I relate this to baseball?


We don’t want to waste anything in life, right?  Makes sense.  How do I relate this to baseball?  I guess every ball player has a certain amount of at-bats in them, and then……it’s over.  Wasting at-bats is about the most frustrating thing we can do as a hitter.  At-bats are a hitters opportunity to shine.  We only get so many.  Make the most of them.  Make them last. Make them productive.  How do you waste an at-bat?:  1.  getting “out” on a pitch outside the strike zone (swinging at bad pitches).  2.  Not being ready to attack (taking too many strikes) .  3.  Repeating the same bad habits that effect your swing negatively….and not doing anything about it.  The best redemption a hitter can have on a wasted at-bat is to learn from it and make the necessary adjustment (immediately).  And by the way…..pitchers make a lot of mistakes too.  It would be another mistake if we didn’t make them pay for it.  Don’t miss a good opportunity!


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