Grateful for the continued support I get down at the Cage that allows me to continue to do what I love: TEACH, TRAIN, and DEVELOP baseball players physically and mentally to prepare them best for the next level.  OK……. I’m done being nice.  I have an important message for players and parents of the serious baseball player and it is this:  An idiot can pick a team, fill out a lineup card, or yell and scream at a kid for NO reason.  This guy is who we usually call coach.  Well, coach, or whoever is deciding how good my kid is, don’t flatter yourself.  They invented a stopwatch to determine who can run fast.  Someone invented a radar gun to determine how hard somebody throws, and anybody with sense can tell you what a hard hit ball sounds and looks like off a hitters bat.  So basically, it’s obvious who is good and who is not.  I could go on and on but I’m gonna wrap with this.  If you can’t teach and develop, than what are you doing out there? What are your intentions?  Are you qualified?  Are those your working with getting better and learning lessons?  I can only hope so.  What inspired me to write about this topic is the lack of guidance and teaching youth baseball players are granted by the traditional system.  What is the system? Little League, club baseball, legion baseball, high school baseball.  Where and when does the individual player LEARN, TRAIN, and ultimately DEVELOP?  Hopefully they get lucky and get someone who cares, can teach (or at least point them in the right direction), train, and develop them.  If not than you best seek out the best way to LEARN, TRAIN, and DEVELOP as a player.


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