Baseball’s one of those sports…

It’s great to be able to run like the wind, have a rocket arm, and hit the crap out of the ball.  But baseball is one of those sports where the physical gifts are a bit less emphasized. A bit less important.  In a way.  In a way?  In this way…  You don’t want to be be playing basketball with a bunch of dudes that are much taller, quicker, and can jump higher than you.  Just the same, you don’t want to line up in football against a bunch of animals that are bigger, stronger, faster, and uglier than you.  Why? Cause they will most always win.  When your bigger, stronger, and faster than your opponent you usually almost always win.  Baseball has much less to do with this.  Don’t get me wrong, athleticism is important to becoming an elite baseball player.  BUT.  Being a freak athlete, isn’t going to make you a better hitter.  There’s a lot of SKILL involved. A lot of UNDERSTANDING, TECHNIQUE, and LEARNING involved in becoming a good hitter and ultimately a well rounded ball player.  I advise you to force upon yourself good habits and a good understanding of the mechanics of the art of hitting.  You can also learn a lot about a hitters approach (the steps taken prior to executing a great at-bat).  What I’m saying is that there is much more of an education involved in the sport of baseball than most others.  Learning about the importance of correct technique and approach in regards to hitting, and baseball in general, is what’s important.  Remember: It’s a process, and the development of a complete ball player takes time, commitment, discipline, and a lot of hard work.  If you always want to be moving forward in your development as a player, you will seek this out.  It’s never-ending.


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