Concentration & Awareness (Hitting)

A lot of hitters go into the batters box ill-prepared.  Maybe they’re trying to act a bit too cool trying to emulate their favorite player?  Maybe they’re being annoyed and startled by their own parent or coach screaming last minute cliches that do nothing but, well, nothing?  We want to center our focus and concentration as a hitter around what’s most important.  What is most important?  Staying true to your approach.  Remember, your approach is your own little personalized road map that outlines what you need to do to have a successful at-bat.  Instruction, proper coaching, and the ability to execute your swing properly will help you find your approach.  An approach is unique to each hitter and although some will contain the same information, many will be different.  We all don’t hit the same.  Concentration and awareness is very important to a hitter.  Concentration can be best explained to a hitter as his ability to focus on picking up the baseball as soon as he possibly can.  A little white ball being thrown at you with the speed and location of each pitch always changing makes a hitters job very difficult.  The longer you see it, the more time you have to decide if you want to take it or attack it.  Awareness is super important as well.  The ability to be aware that the pitcher may throw a fastball, change-up, curveball, strike, or a ball.  Being aware of situations helps us better prepare.  Concentrating on the details before and during your at-bat raises your awareness of your weaknesses/bad habits and will help you avoid them more consistently.


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