Nothing normal about excellence

One thing that I keep getting reminded of as I grow older and wiser (hopefully) is the fact that there is nothing normal about being excellent.  My business is athletes and in particular training baseball players on how to improve their skills.  I use my own experience as a former professional but I also observe what’s happening in the baseball community around me.  I remember things I used to do, I hear things, I see things, and then I put my own spin on it.  I teach it.  I examine results, I adjust.  I teach it.  I tell my baseball player that your going to learn from me and then your going to put your own twist on it………………and that will be YOU.  The player that you become.

Let me get back to the reason I write tonight:  “There’s nothing normal about excellence.”  To sustain a high level of performance in any arena you must do extraordinary things.  Things like concentrating on what your trying to achieve.  Dedicating more of your time to what you want to get better at.   Dedication it takes.  Sacrifice it takes.  Long hours.  Long hours of discipline to what your focus is on.  The ability to say “no”.  The ability to know “right” from “wrong”.  The ability, want, and desire to stick with it and get through it. The motivation to want to learn.

I teach my athletes that they want to be doing two things at ALL times: “CATCHING UP TO THE COMPETITION or SEPARATING YOURSELF FROM THE COMPETITION.”  Regardelss, your goal is everyday to be thinking about one or the other….or both!  Have a plan.  The plan is important.  The motivation is important.  The want is important.  Those that want “IT”, are more likely to achieve it.  Those are the ones doing big things. 

ASPIRE: to direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something


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