7 Things You Can Do: For Young Baseball Players and Their Parents:

  1. BE ACTIVE.  (Player)  Go outside and play with some sort of ball, bat, or glove.  A lot of good habits can be obtained by catching bouncing balls with bare hands.  Anything hand-eye coordination will help to build a solid foundation for the future.  Home run derby, wiffle ball, the Tee, etc. When you go outside and play baseball or sport in general, you are getting better at something!
  2. GET INSTRUCTION.  (Player & Parent)  Seek out lessons from somebody in your area who is experienced as a player and teacher.  Somebody who cannot only help your kid learn but also give you an honest evaluation of where your kid stands today.  Deal with people in your “Baseball circle” that are honest, up front, and have good intentions.  A good instructor will not only teach good lessons but also instill in your player the importance of self improvement.
  3. BE SUPPORTIVE.  (Parent)  “Fuel the Fire”, as I say.  If he likes it than go out of your way to support it.  As you get older you like to do fewer and fewer things.  So, while the interest is there…..please!
  4. DO RESEARCH.  (Player & Parent)  You do on everything else.  It’s easier now then ever to find quality teams, coaches, instructors, equipment, training etc. Products and services are heavily reviewed, if you can’t find the answer online than ask around.  Word of mouth is usually the best way to find out the scoop.
  5. IMMERSE YOURSELF.  (Player)  Sorry, but it’s part of the process if you want to be good.  You simply cannot be good at something if you don’t spend countless hours doing it.  It’s a fact.  It’s proven.  So don’t just “say” you want to be good at something and don’t do anything about it.
  6. BE REALISTIC.  (Player & Parent)  Baseball is a terribly difficult sport. At the higher levels it literally revolves around how well you react and adjust to failure.  It’s a long and slow process to get good.  As long as the attitude, commitment, effort, and ability to learn is there…it’s just a matter of time.  Easier said than done.
  7. DON’T FORCE IT.  (Parent)  If he doesn’t like it, he will never be good.  Interest level is very important.  Give it time and ample opportunity (see above) but it’s certainly not for everyone.  Baseball is the most difficult sport there is.

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